5 Daily Steps For Better Type 2 Diabetes Management

In order to control your type 2 diabetes, it is important to develop a routine. Here are 5 steps to be sure are part of your daily habits.

Test Blood Sugar Level

It it critical to test your blood sugar levels every day. Both low blood sugar (hypoglycemic) and high blood sugar (hyperglycemic) episodes are dangerous to your health. Remember to record your levels in your journal. Many people write in a paper daily calendar they carry with them. Others use a spreadsheet. Perhaps most popular now is the diabetes management apps that are available for your phone. Watch for trends in your blood sugar levels.

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Daily Medications

Be sure to take your daily medications, as they were prescribed by your doctor. Talk to your doctor is you are concerned about side effects, but don’t change anything until a health care professional gives you the go ahead.

Exercise Improves your Health and Makes Managing Blood Sugar Levels Easier

20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day will lower your risks of diabetic complications. Exercise is really critical to maintaining your health, and promoting glycemic control. Get moving!

Watch What You Eat

Track what you eat. There’s many apps for that now! Monitoring your diet, including carbs, fats and total calories, is critical for routine glycemic control.

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Consider How Well You Sleep

Sleep is essential for everyone’s good health. Wearable fitness devices monitor your sleep for you, but the best indicator is usually how rested you feel. Take note of how many of hours you sleep and any interruptions like bathroom breaks, nightmares, or insomnia.

Find a routine that includes monitoring your blood sugar, taking your medications, exercising, eating well and getting your rest. This is the foundation for good management and control of your type 2 diabetes. When you have more control, you may find you need to test less frequently. Once that is the case, if you have extra test strips, remember that we buy diabetic test strips. And a little extra cash never hurt!

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