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Diabetes Medications Don’t Always Work

Diabetes Medications Don’t Always Work

There is no cure for diabetes. Treatments do help regulate blood sugar levels, which reduces your risks for diabetic complications. Unfortunately, sometimes diabetic medications don’t work.

How Diabetes Medications Work

When you eat carbs, they breaks down into sugars. The simple sugars circulate in your blood until insulin signals the cells to take the sugar into them. So, as long as there is insulin present, your blood sugar level is lower. When the insulin is not there, or the signals don’t get to the cells, your blood sugar levels can spike.

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Type 1 diabetics do not have pancreatic cells to produce insulin. On the other hand, Type 2 diabetics have a change in their body’s ability to respond to insulin. There are several kinds of diabetes medications. Each type works a bit differently, but they all work to regulate your blood sugar levels.

They can work by:

  • Stimulation of your pancreas to increase the production of insulin.

  • Increasing your body’s sensitivity to insulin activity.

  • Reduction of glucose available in your body.

Why Don’t Diabetes Medications Work?

Over time, your body can become more resistant to insulin, especially if your blood sugar has not been well controlled. Medication has a harder time having the appropriate effects, so you may need a higher dose. Often, more than one type of diabetes medication is used at a time. The hope is that each one has its own effect, and added together they will be sufficient. Eventually injections of insulin are necessary if other medications do not have the desired effects.

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How Do You Know if Your Diabetes Medication is Working?

Many people with diabetes say they know when their medicines stop being effective. Most importantly you can always tell by watching your blood sugar levels. Keep lots of diabetes test strips on hand so you can test your blood sugar frequently. You can always get cash for test strips if you don’t need them.

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Untreated Diabetes

Untreated Diabetes 

Why it is Vital to Control this Chronic Condition

1 in every 10 adults in the US, and 1 in 4 over 65 years old has diabetes according to the CDC. In fact, it is the most common condition affecting the elderly in America.

When your body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or becomes resistant to the hormone, you have diabetes. Insulin ensures that the glucose moves out of your blood and into your tissues, because each organ needs energy to function. With a lack of control over the glucose, multiple systems in your body are at risk.

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Your Heart and Cardiovascular System

People with diabetes
have double the chance of heart attacks and strokes. The risk is even greater if you have poor control over your blood sugar levels. As a result, 2 out of every 3 people with diabetes die from cardiovascular diseases. But, these cardiovascular problems are treatable. With the right medication, diet change, exercise and good blood sugar control you lower your risk.

Your Eyes and Eyesight

Vision loss and eyes problems are an extremely common complication. Watch for symptoms of:

  • Glaucoma – A buildup of pressure inside the eye. Pinched blood vessels damage nerves. Diabetic are 40% more likely to get glaucoma.

  • Retinopathy – Nerve damage could cause blindness.

  • Cataracts – Cataract risk increases by 60%. Cloudy vision happens because the lens in your eyes change.

Your Kidneys
High blood sugar makes kidneys work harder. Kidney disease progresses over time.

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Your Nerves

High blood
sugar and damaged blood vessels causes nerve damage. Neuropathy first shows up as tingling in your hands or feet. Changes also cause digestive problems, sexual dysfunction and incontinence.

Your Gastrointestinal Tract

Gastroparesis is when your stomach takes too long to empty. Symptoms include:

  • vomiting

  • nausea

  • heartburn

  • weight loss

  • feeling full quickly

  • appetite changes

Blood glucose levels rise quickly when food does finally reach the small intestines. A vicious cycle results.

Your Mouth

Diabetics have greater risks for gum disease, and gum disease worsens diabetes as it disrupts glycemic control. Make sure you see your dentist regularly.

In conclusion, testing blood glucose frequently is critical to the management of your diabetes. See your doctor, eat well and get your exercise. And remember, you can sell extra Diabetic strips for cash – Sell Test Strips Here

Periodic Steps for Diabetes Management

Periodic Steps for Type 2 Diabetes Management

There are several steps to the daily routine in managing your type 2 diabetes. In addition, there are a few things that you can do periodically that help manage this chronic condition. Longer Term trends are important to watch, beyond the day-to-day. By integrating both the daily and periodic steps, you can gain greater control over your life and your health.

Tracking A1C Levels

The A1C level comes from a blood test. Keeping track provides information to your doctor about the average blood sugar for the past few months. Diabetes doctors check these regularly, so you need to keep track of your A1C levels in your records.

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Medical Records

Often people with type 2 diabetes are dealing with multiple health conditions. If this is the case for you, maintain a master file of your health records. Your doctors do not have a way to communicate with each other regularly, so it falls to you. Files from your primary care physician, cardiologist, pulmonologist are critical. Surprisingly, dental records are important, too.

Cholesterol Testing

Otherwise healthy adults should have their cholesterol tested every 4 to 6 years, says the American Heart Association. More frequent tests are recommended for those with diabetes because of the increased risks of heart disease.

Your doctor will let you know what the results mean, but be sure to take note of:

  • LDL cholesterol (unhealthy)

  • HDL cholesterol (healthy)

  • triglycerides

  • HDL-LDL ratio

Keep them in your files, so you can watch how they change over time.

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Health Issues Caused by Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes affects all organ systems in your body. Be sure to watch for any skin changes, sensory issues, eyesight differences, cardiovascular health and cognitive abilities. These can signal diabetes complications. Track these to give your doctor the best possible information to make treatment decisions.

The management of your Type 2 diabetes seems overwhelming at times. Take proactive steps to improve the overall quality of your life for now and the future.

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5 Daily Steps for Diabetes Management

5 Daily Steps For Better Type 2 Diabetes Management

In order to control your type 2 diabetes, it is important to develop a routine. Here are 5 steps to be sure are part of your daily habits.

Test Blood Sugar Level

It it critical to test your blood sugar levels every day. Both low blood sugar (hypoglycemic) and high blood sugar (hyperglycemic) episodes are dangerous to your health. Remember to record your levels in your journal. Many people write in a paper daily calendar they carry with them. Others use a spreadsheet. Perhaps most popular now is the diabetes management apps that are available for your phone. Watch for trends in your blood sugar levels.

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Daily Medications

Be sure to take your daily medications, as they were prescribed by your doctor. Talk to your doctor is you are concerned about side effects, but don’t change anything until a health care professional gives you the go ahead.

Exercise Improves your Health and Makes Managing Blood Sugar Levels Easier

20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day will lower your risks of diabetic complications. Exercise is really critical to maintaining your health, and promoting glycemic control. Get moving!

Watch What You Eat

Track what you eat. There’s many apps for that now! Monitoring your diet, including carbs, fats and total calories, is critical for routine glycemic control.

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Consider How Well You Sleep

Sleep is essential for everyone’s good health. Wearable fitness devices monitor your sleep for you, but the best indicator is usually how rested you feel. Take note of how many of hours you sleep and any interruptions like bathroom breaks, nightmares, or insomnia.

Find a routine that includes monitoring your blood sugar, taking your medications, exercising, eating well and getting your rest. This is the foundation for good management and control of your type 2 diabetes. When you have more control, you may find you need to test less frequently. Once that is the case, if you have extra test strips, remember that we buy diabetic test strips. And a little extra cash never hurt!

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Selling Diabetes Test Strips is Legal? How Can That Be?

Selling Diabetes Test Strips is Legal? How Can That Be?

Yep. Selling diabetes test strips is legal. Perfectly and completely legal. It’s also morally a really great thing to do to support the diabetes community. By selling diabetes test strips you help others (and yourself). A few bucks goes into your pocket. And those who are unable to afford testing supplies have the opportunity to get what they need at much reduced costs.

How Does that Work? Selling Diabetes Test Strips is Legal?

The New York Times recently reported about how this works. They explain how this reselling of test strips has existed for several decades. This is a specific example of the unusual nature of the American health care system. Unlike the illegal reselling of prescription drugs, it is quite legal to resell unexpired, unused diabetes test strips.

Is It Just A Loophole?

Some consider the fact that selling diabetes test strips is legal to be some sort of loophole. Our medical system is very clear about what is and what is not available by prescription. Prescription drugs are illegal to resell. There is no law that says you can’t resell (almost) anything else that you own.

Selling diabetes test strips is legal when the strips belong to you. But, if Medicaid or Medicare bought them for you, they can not be sold.

So, Who Wins and Who Loses When Extra Diabetes Test Strips are Sold?

Diabetes test strips are actually a multi-billion-dollar industry. In fact, insulin-dependent patients monitoring blood sugar find 25% of expenditures on pharmacy costs are on testing supplies. (2012 study) Lowering these costs for people with diabetes means the diabetes community wins.

When you sell your extra, unexpired testing supplies, you are paid. Now, it is unlikely to fund your next real estate investment. But, a few extra dollars for what would have been trashed is a pretty good deal.

Do the test strip manufacturers win, too? Perhaps not, but there are only 4 companies, and they do seem to be doing just fine anyway.

Why Is it Legal to Sell Test Strips?

Why Is it Legal to Sell Test Strips?

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have diabetes, you know how it seriously impacts your life. And for diabetics who constantly need to monitor blood sugar levels, test strips are critical. So, you may wonder, “Why is it legal to sell test strips?”

Test Strips are Critical

It is absolutely essential that a person with diabetes have access to their testing supplies. For some, this is relatively easy. You may have good insurance coverage that provides exactly what you need.

But, blood sugar control is a bit of an art, so exactly how many test strips any given patient needs, varies. Along with changes in protocols, and conditions like gestational diabetes that are temporary, many patients have extra strips.

These extra strips eventually expire, and get thrown out. Which is a huge shame, because so many less fortunate Americans with diabetes could use them.

Why Is it Legal to Sell Test Strips?

Simply put, diabetes testing supplies are not a prescription. Because they are available over-the-counter at any pharmacy, they are legal to sell. Much like if your doctor recommended you buy a particular type of shoes. If you bought more pairs than you needed, you would be free to sell them if you wanted.

When is it NOT Legal?

It is not legal to sell test strips in 2 situations:

  1. If you got your supplies through Medicaid or Medicare.
  2. If you got your supplies illegally in some way.

So, you can be assured that it is perfectly legal to sell your test strips online. You don’t have to wonder why it is legal to sell test strips, anymore. SELL TEST STRIPS HERE was founded by a fellow diabetic. We know the struggles, which is why we are here to support the diabetic community.

New York Times – Is Selling Test Strips Legal?

New York Times – Is Selling Test Strips Legal?

Recently, the New York Times wrote about the legality of selling diabetes-related supplies. They were able to answer the questions once and for all. Is selling test strips legal? You bet!

Selling test strips is legal because they are sold without a prescription. You can buy them over-the-counter in any drugstore.

Now, you can line up on the street in New York to sell your extra strips. Or you can do it online from the comfort of your own home, with SELL TEST STRIPS HERE.

So, the New York Times calls this an “unusual trade” both online and in the streets. But is it really so unusual?

Why Do People With Diabetes Sell Testing Supplies?

Test strips expire. After a certain date they simply can not be trusted to give accurate results. Extra strips that are not going to expire for 6 months can be sold. It is much better to make sure someone else can use them, than throw them in the trash. So, how do people with diabetes end up with extra testing supplies?

  • Some people with diabetes are lucky enough to have adequate insurance coverage. They receive all the diabetes testing supplies they need, and then some.

  • Doctors change treatment protocols, which often means a new monitoring system. Every monitor uses its own special strips, so unexpired strips from the previous treatment can be sold.

  • Women with gestational diabetes often have extra test strips after their baby is born.

  • When blood sugar levels are currently well controlled, and you test less often. Then, you end up with extra strips.

  • Changes in insurance coverage mean extra test strips sometimes, too.

Is Selling Diabetes Test Strips Legal, No Matter What?

Well, no. Not no matter what. There are a couple of conditions.

1) If your test strips were purchased by the government through Medicare or Medicaid, you can not sell them. (Watch for the red strip on the box.)

2) If you have not “acquired them through legal means”, then you can’t sell them. So, no stolen strips, okay? They have to be yours, or someone gave them to you.

Finally, remember that you are helping others by selling your test strips. You can stop wondering “Is selling test strips legal?” and remind yourself that it is the right thing to do. Don’t throw your unexpired extra test strips in the trash. Get a few extra dollars for yourself and help others who are less fortunate.

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Hypoglycemia – Help Others to Help You

You need to know the signs of hypoglycemia so you can watch out for yourself. And you need to prepare by having a glucose meter, test strips and glucose tablets with you all the time. Sometimes, just like everyone else, you may need to rely on others to help. If your blood sugar levels get too low you will not be able to help yourself. So, educate the people around you so they know what to do.

You may feel bad about relying on others, but know that they will feel worse if something happens and they don’t know what to do. Be a good friend and prepare them in advance.

    • Show them what to do.

If you are not able to manage by yourself, a friend, family member, or colleague might need to give you an injection of glucagon. This is a hormone responsible for telling your liver it is time to release the stored glucose, says the American Diabetes Association.

Teach people close by what they would need to do. Without an injection, they need to know to call 911. Sustained low blood sugar levels lead to problems like irreversible brain damage.

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    • Wear a Diabetes ID bracelet or get a tattoo.

Everyone who has diabetes should make sure anyone could easily have that information. A tattoo or a medical diabetes ID bracelet are ideal. If you choose a bracelet it should specifically say “diabetes” and say if you take insulin or other medications.

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    • Ask your doctor

Frequent hypoglycemic episodes need to be discussed with your doctor. It could be as simple as a change in dosage or the type of diabetes medicine. But, never change your medication regimen on your own. Always talk to your doctor and get their approval.

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Hypoglycemia Action Plan

The last blog outlines the symptoms of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Every person with diabetes should have an action plan just in case your blood sugar gets too low. Also, include the people around you in your planning.

The first thing to do is to test your blood sugar. If it is less than 70 (mg/dl), that’s low blood sugar by definition. However, blood sugar levels vary from person to person, so ask your doctor what your range should be. If it is low, take action.

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    • Next, Eat or drink some fast-acting carbs.

Consume about 15 g of carbs.

  • 4 oz real orange juice

  • 4 oz regular (not diet) soda

  • 1 tbsp sugar that has been dissolved in water

  • 1 tbsp maple syrup or honey

  • 6 hard candies, gun drops or jelly beans

  • 1 tbsp icing/ frosting for a cake

  • 2 tbsp raisins

  • ½ cup applesauce

  • 3 or 4 glucose tabs or tube of glucose gel. (It is advised that you always carry glucose tablets.)

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    • Now, wait, and retest.

Wait for 15 minutes, then retest your blood sugar. If it has gone up to 100 mg/dl or more, you’re good. If it hasn’t…

    • Repeat

If it is still too low, eat another 15 g of carbs. Then, wait 15 minutes, retest and continue until blood sugar levels are corrected.

    • Once blood sugar levels are normal.

When you are feeling better, eat protein to stabilize those blood sugar levels in that normal range. Try some peanuts, peanut butter, ham, turkey or cheese. But otherwise, resume your normal activities.

If your blood sugar is not cooperating, call the doctor to ask for an immediate appointment, or go to a clinic or ER. Untreated hypoglycemia can cause seizures or unconsciousness, so don’t mess with it.

Take care of yourself. You’re worth it.

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When Blood Sugar Drops Too Low

How to tell if blood sugar levels get dangerously low? Anyone who uses insulin or other diabetes meds is at risk for hypoglycemia. Let’s create a plan so you are ready, just in case.

Quick attention is needed or hypoglycemia leads to potentially serious complications. Know what actions to take, just in case it happens to someone else, or to you.

In severe cases, seizures or losing consciousness is a symptom of hypoglycemia. But it is also possible that hypoglycemia has no symptoms, says the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

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On the other hand, hypoglycemia symptoms also appear quickly. While the symptoms vary for each person, with mild to moderate dips in your blood sugar levels you could notice:

  • Feeling shaky

  • Sweating

  • Being very hungry

  • Headache or being lightheaded

  • Being pale

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Heart palpitations

  • Irritability or combativeness

  • Blurred vision or seeing double

  • Tingling or numbness in your extremities

Make sure you know how to recognize the earliest signs of your own low blood sugar. Educate the people around you on the signs so they can watch out for you, too. Hypoglycemia is a real risk with dangerous consequences. Work to maintain control of your diabetes so the risks are lessened. The next blog will help you create a hyperglycemia action plan.

When you have good control of your diabetes, you may find you have extra diabetes testing strips. If so, know that you can sell your extra test strips for money to us here at Sell Test Strips Here. This website is owned and operated by a fellow diabetic who knows the challenges you face. A few extra dollars for extra test strips that would just go to waste otherwise never hurts.

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Eat Healthy Fast Food Part 3

More in our continuing series of fast-food options, we examine more restaurants. Making deliberate food choices is a vital part of making sure blood sugar levels are controlled. Life hands us situations where driving through or picking something up to eat just seems to be what happens. By knowing the healthy choices at each fast food place before you go, you can avoid unhealthy choices easier.

It is easy to slip into old habits when you haven’t decided on a new one. Don’t put yourself in the position of trying to decide what to eat while you are in line. It never works out well.

So, here’s even more tips to stay on-plan and keep your glucose levels controlled, no matter where you eat.

    • Arby’s

Although they say that poultry meat is supposedly healthy, don’t even give the Turkey Ranch and Bacon Sandwich a second look. It has 800 calories, a whole 35 g fat, and all of 79 g carbs. A Buttermilk Chicken Cordon Bleu is another poultry no-no. More obvious unhealthy choices are the Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack, and the Loaded Italian.
A simple classic roast beef sandwich from Arby’s is just 370 calories, with 14 g fat and only 40 g carbs. For big appetites, a reasonable compromise is a Turkey Gyro pita wrap with 470 calories, and 20 g fat with 48 g carbs.

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    • Chipotle

The most deceiving option is the Steak Salad. It sounds like it should be good, but NO! A whopping 1,305 calories later, 77 g fat and an incredible 117 g carbs are in every bowl. The steak and burritos are about the same level of nonsense. Salads get to be a problem quickly with even a topping or three. Either avoid these menu items, take at least half home for another meal, or share with one or even 2 friends!

Better choices are a Vegetarian, Steak or Chicken Burrito Bowl and brown rice, fresh tomato salsa, fajita veggies, and lettuce. That’s about 415 calories, with 12 g fat and 45 g carbs.

    • Burger King

Just as with anyplace else, never order anything with the word “triple” in its name. Never. Ever. For example, a Triple Whopper with Cheese, weighs in with 1,020 calories, and 65 g fat. Even worse? King-sized bacon burgers, even without cheese, pack 1,150 calories and a solid 79 g fat.

All burgers are not evil. Basic burgers at Burger King are 220 calories, with just 8 g fat, and 26 g carbs. Even cheeseburgers are just 270 calories, with 12 g fat, and 27 g carbs. Add a nice side salad and you have a lovely meal. If you require some fries, remember that it takes only a half of a small order to put you over the top. Split a small with someone, or skip it altogether. Saving fries for later has never been recommended. <blech>

There’s no mystery at Pizza Hut. A large slice of pizza with the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger toppings is not a healthy choice. 640 calories, with 26 g fat plus 77 g carbs, for just the one slice! Those individual bowls of pasta range from 630 to 1,020 calories with 113 to 197 g carbs are at least designed to be a whole meal, but best to split it with a friend or save half for tomorrow.

Plain rectangular cheese pizza slices come in at 240 calories, and 10 g fat and 29 carbs. Add fresh veggies galore and you have a great Za party!

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That’s the end of our fast food series for now. Keep making good choices wherever you eat so you can maintain control of your blood sugar and your health in general. Take care of yourself. You’re worth it.

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A Cold or Flu and Diabetes

So, the only thing worse than having a cold or the flu, probably is having diabetes and a cold or flu. Even veteran diabetics mess up their health routines because they feel crappy. If you are newly diagnosed, it can be a huge challenge.

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If you don’t keep your glucose levels stable, you feel even worse. Follow these guidelines so you get up and around sooner.

Keep Taking Your Medicine

Take your medicine, even if you’re not eating your normal amounts. A cold or flu reduces your appetite, so you may not eat much at all. That could lower blood sugar levels. In contrast, your inactivity and illness could raise your blood sugar. So, keep on your regular medicine routine as you fight off the cold or flu.

What to Eat

Keep eating as normally as possible. Stay on your regular schedule best you can. Healthy choices like soups are comforting and healing. Try for about 50 grams of carbs every 3 or 4 hours.

What to Drink

Even a small amount of soup or crackers might still mean sugar spikes. That extra sugar is excreted through your urine, so be sure you keep drinking lots of fluid. Expect some thirst because increased blood sugar levels dehydrate. 8 ounces of water hourly staves off dehydration, unless it seems like you won’t keep it down. If you’re not eating, then drinking something with some carbs every couple of hours helps. Mineral containing liquids, like broth, are ideal.

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What about Cough or Cold Over-the-Counter Medicines?

Sugar-free medicines are better. Pills you swallow don’t usually have any sugar in them. A syrup may have sugar. The amount of sugar in a dose of cough syrup won’t matter.

Some medicines that don’t contain any sugar still influence blood sugar. Decongestants, aspirin, and antibiotics all affect your blood sugar levels, so be sure to ask your pharmacist or doctor.

Check Blood Sugar Frequently

The more subtle symptoms of your levels being off might be lost on you when you feel crappy already. Check your blood sugar levels every 2-4 hours for at least the first 2 days. If they seem normal, then go back to your regular checking schedule. If you see a result of 250+, change your carb intake, and check again. Call the doctor if your spike continues for 2 checks.

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You can handle having a cold or flu with diabetes. It will be over soon. While most cases are mild and passing, do call your doctor if:

  • Your blood sugar reading is over 250 twice in a row.

  • You have uncontrollable diarrhea or nausea.

  • Fluids are not staying down.

  • A fever spiked more than 24 hours.

  • There is belly pain.

  • You’re vomiting.

  • You don’t think you can take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself. A cold or flu is temporary, so do what you can to manage the symptoms. You’ll be better soon.

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Exercise Precautions

  • Exercise for People with Diabetes – Some Precautions

You’re doing a good job inserting those 10 minute bouts of exercise into your schedule. A bit of a walk here. Some dancing there. A short bike ride, stationary or otherwise and your exercise quota is full. Add up those 10 minute sections to at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and you’re good. The American Diabetes Association says you get the same benefits either way.

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Exercise certainly lowers blood glucose because your body uses glucose even more efficiently when it increases insulin sensitivity. “The elevated insulin sensitivity due to exercise lasts from 12 to 48 hrs. Therefore, it’s recommended that you only ever skip 1 day of exercise.

The CDC Diabetes program recommends 150 minutes (2 and a half hours) of weekly aerobic moderate-intensity exercise. Either that or 75 minutes (an hour and 15 minutes) of more vigorous aerobic type exercise, with strength training. Target the major muscle groups at least twice a week. All exercise counts toward the weekly 150 minute totals each week.

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    • Diabetes Exercise Precautions

Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Also, follow these important tips for safety during diabetes exercises.

  • Exercise 1 to 3 hours after meals, because that is the best way to help stabilize blood sugar levels.

  • Don’t exercise as your insulin peaks.

  • Wear comfy clothes. Above all, wear sox because they absorb foot moisture.

  • Watch for skin irritation, especially anywhere your clothes or shoes rub.

  • Don’t inject insulin where your body gets strenuous exercise, because the insulin can move too fast through your body.

  • Always check blood sugar levels both before and right after exercising. Adjust meals and your snacks based on those results.

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Finding the time for exercise is critical to being able to live well with your diabetes. Those 10 minute segments of exercise through the day are the foundation for your better health. Follow these precautions, and your exercise routine provides many benefits. Walk, dance, swim or ride, Just keep moving!

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Exercise for Busy People

  • How to Find the Time to Exercise for Busy People with Diabetes

Exercise is critical to diabetes control, but it can be tough to fit it into your busy schedule. One of the best ways to slide exercise into your day is to make it a fun, normal part of your routine.

Controlling blood sugar is certainly not the only benefit of exercise. You can manage your weight so that helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, while reducing heart disease risks.

Easy exercises that easily fit your schedule deliver lots of benefits. This is what there is to know.

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    • Easy Exercises

Aerobic exercises are best. They include walking, swimming, biking, or dancing. The heart rate increases into a moderate intensity level. Every exercise is beneficial in its own way. Here’s the details on each:

      • Walking

Walking is for sure the easiest exercise because a 30 minute walk is all it takes. So, a 10 minute walk before your work, 10 minutes before or after lunch, and 10 minutes later. You’re done. You certainly don’t need special equipment. Also, you can jam those 10 minutes in any time of day. Walk instead of drive. It all adds up.

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      • Swimming

A swim is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It’s easy on the body because water cushions joints. Lower your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and improve heart and lung functions at the pool. Relax and enjoy. Swimming laps works, but if you would rather, simply walk back and forth. You still get a workout because of the water’s resistance.

      • Biking

Hop on the stationary bike in the house, or yard while you listen to music. Similarly, take your regular bike out for fresh air to enjoy the great outdoors. Either choice is a superb, low-impact cardiovascular routine exercise that seems like more fun than it is work.

      • Dancing

Dance Dance. Dance. Get your groove on, and it won’t seem like exercise. Take a class or dance while you dust. Try Zumba, and take a friend. Dancing works out your whole body while raising good cholesterol, plus lowering bad cholesterol. Control blood sugar with dancing, and you find more joy, too.

    • Exercise is Worth the Effort

The most important part of exercise for people with diabetes is routine. Build your exercise into your daily and weekly schedule. The more routine you can develop, the more likely you are to stick to it. It seems like a big job, but each step and every movement adds up. It is worth the effort. Just keep moving!

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Eat Healthy at Fast-Food Restaurants Pt 2

As we continue our series in fast-food options, it seems like the life of a person with diabetes revolves around food. Now, due to the diabetes, you have to preplan every meal. Every mouthful becomes a deliberate choice. Maybe going back to the easy, mindless eating is a temptation.

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One way to be sure that temptation isn’t too great is make the decision about what to eat, beforehand. While you are in the situation, being asked for a decision, it can be easy to slip into old, unhealthy habits.

So, here’s some more tips for staying on-plan and keeping your glucose levels controlled, no matter where you eat.

    1. McDonalds

Watch out for the obvious unhealthy choices. A double quarter pounder with cheese advertises the 770 calories with 45 grams of fat right in its name. A more subtle mistake starts with chicken. Chicken is supposed to be good, but a Sweet BBQ Bacon with Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich, not so much. It even tops the burger with 810 calories, and a huge slice of 81 g of carbs.

A much better choice starts with a regular burger, at 250 calories with just 8g of fat. Even a cheeseburger is okay with 300 calories and 12 g of fat. Try them side-by-side (cut in half) to see if the cheese really adds anything as far as you are concerned. Many people find it doesn’t, so it’s not worth the extra carbs and fat. Side salads are an excellent choice. Check the stats on the dressing as they are all different, or bring your own.

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    1. KFC

KFC is famous for all things breaded and deep fried. One piece is fine, but more than that is a problem. So, either restrict yourself to just one piece, or stay away from the regular offerings. A single piece of the Original Recipe, with a salad or green beans is what works, if you insist on the breaded and deep fried.

Likewise, all combos and “big box” meals are too much food. Especially because you need to control your blood sugar. “Extra crispy” is the worst.

So, either don’t eat much, or stay away from the breaded options. Yes, they have naked chicken. The unbreaded sandwich, a Kentucky Grilled Chicken scores a respectable 210 calories with 7 grams of fat. There’s other grilled options, too. Just read the menu at home online before you head out.

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    1. Chik-fil-A

Everything chicken is not necessarily healthy. Eliminate anything that is fried, right off. Small servings of half a dozen nuggets is okay, occasionally. It can feel like less food than you need, so other healthier options work better.

Anything off the grill is better than anything fried, unless it is smothered in cheese and bacon. Then, consider it the same as fried, so just skip it, too.

The standard Grilled Chicken Sandwich comes in with 310 calories and 6 grams of fat, so it is a reasonable choice. The Grilled Chicken Wrap is second best with 350 calories and 14 grams of fat.

It maybe seems like a drag to have to make constant, deliberate choices about food. Deciding before you are faced with the menu in had (or on the board) makes that easier.

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Drinking Alcohol With Diabetes

Drinking Alcohol With Diabetes

So, drinking alcohol is supposed to reduce the risk of heart disease, but what about diabetes? Your beer (or wine, or whatever!) blocks glucose production in your liver. That can cause a blood sugar drop. Your liver stores the emergency glucose reserves, so if someone drinks too much their liver can’t keep up. Blood sugar levels get dangerously low, and can cause death.

Livers remove toxins from the blood, as a result the alcohol processes in your liver. Most medications metabolize in the liver, too. That’s why mixing alcohol and medications causes liver damage, or other interactions. Ask your doctor about your medications.

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The guidelines for those with diabetes are the same as for the general population.

  • 1 drink/day for women

  • 2 drinks/day for men

*1 drink is 12 oz of beer,1 ½ oz of distilled spirits (like gin, vodka, or whiskey) or a 5 oz glass of wine.

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Specific Alcohol Guidelines for People With Diabetes

  • Don’t drink when your levels are low, or on an empty stomach.

  • Make sure people around you know about your diabetes. If people with you drink alcohol, your hypoglycemia could just look like being too drunk.

  • Read the labels, especially of craft beers. They often have double the calories and alcohol of light beer.

  • Choose drink mixers carefully, if you mix your spirits at all. Club soda or water are best.

Hypoglycemia from drinking alcohol hits you up to 24 hrs later. Always check your blood sugar levels:

  • Before drinking

  • During the evening

  • Before you go to bed and even through the night

  • Even more frequently than normal for the next day

Make sure your levels are safe (100 to 140mg/dL) before bed. Eat something and then check it again if it is low. Even set an alarm on your phone to wake you up overnight to test again.

Alcohol effects are unpredictable. Never drink to treat high blood sugar.

Most importantly, tell your doctor of your drinking patterns. The medications you take may need to be adjusted to be sure you can keep your blood glucose levels in the safe range. When you do go out to an environment where others are drinking alcohol, consider the other beverages that are safe and healthy choices for you.

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Eat Healthy at These Fast-Food Restaurants

Eat Healthy at These Fast-Food Restaurants

So often it is simply necessary to “grab a bite” at a fast-food restaurant. Life is just like that. While children are going to their activities, and adults are busy at work, time for cooking can be hard to find. Here’s some tips to stay on-plan and keep your blood sugar levels under control, no matter where you eat.

Of course, if there are simple substitutions, like carrot sticks for fries, make that choice. Smaller portions are better. Salads are good. These tips are more specific that that, so when you go to these specific places you can preplan your choices.

Note: There will be another blog or two that has more restaurants listed once the data comes in for those. In the meantime, if you have extra testing supplies, remember who buys diabetic test strips. Sell Test Strips Here will purchase your extra supplies, and give you top dollar. A few extra bucks for a meal out of the house, never hurt.

Here are the suggestions for healthy choices at a few of America’s most popular fast-food spots.

Subway – Not as Healthy as We Have Been Told

Looking to make a healthy choice, so you head to Subway. Keep in mind:

  • Anything a foot long is too much food.

  • Melts” are loaded with sauces and cheese that have high sodium contents.

  • Classic tuna is actually the worst! Super high fat, but it masquerades as healthy fish.

  • 6 inches on any bread that isn’t the regular white bread is great!

  • Choose rotisserie-style or oven-roasted roast beef or chicken.

  • Add lots of veggies.

  • Light mayo, if you must. As much mustard as you want!

Wendy’s – “Triple” Should Never be a Thing

Just don’t even read the part of the menu board that says “triple”. A triple burger with cheese and everything at Wendy’s has over 1,000 calories and 72g of fat! And that’s before the fries.

  • Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a delight at just 360 calories and 8 g fat with 38 carbs.

  • Consider a half sized Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad or the half-sized Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.

  • Apple slices have 35 calories, no fat, and just 9g carbs. But then again, you could just bring an apple.

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Taco Bell – Yes, You Can Still Go

You can still go to Taco Bell, but be sure to decide what you are getting ahead of time, lest ye be tempted.

  • The XXL Griled Stuft version of the burrito is two meals, so share it up or save half for tomorrow.

  • The Cheesey Gordita Crunch lives up to its name with 500 calories, all of 28g of fat and also 41g of carbs. Just say “no”.

  • A black bean burrito satisfies all the Tex-Mex cravings, with only 11g of fat and even adds 8 grams of actual fiber.

  • A soft chicken taco is 170 calories, 8g of fat and 16g of carbs. With those numbers, have two!

Eating out can be a challenge. The best advice is really to plan ahead. People with diabetes make food plans constantly. Decide what is best to eat at each restaurant you frequent, and stick to that list. When your levels stabilize, you can test less often, and then end up with extra supplies. When you do, remember who buys diabetic test strips. Sell Test Strips Here Your blood sugar levels will thank you!

What to Drink With Diabetes

What to Drink With Diabetes

Lots of focus is put on the food you eat, but what about the drinks? Beverages also affect your blood sugar levels, weight and ultimately your health. Of course, pure, clean water is always the best choice. You can never go wrong with water. You stay hydrated, there are no calories, and it doesn’t change your blood sugar levels! So, when you can, stick to water.

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What Beverages to Avoid

The American Diabetes Association suggests diabetics avoid soda or any sugary beverage. This is because they raise your blood sugar levels very quickly. For an occasional soda pop, ADA recommends diet soda without carbohydrates.

Sugary drinks such as fruit punch, regular sodas, fruit drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, sweet tea, all raise blood sugar. Also, they are often hundreds of calories in one glass! For example:

  • 8 ounces of a fruit punch or other fruit drink has around 100 calories and 30g of carbohydrates.

  • 12 ounces of a regular soda provides around 150 calories, 40g of carbohydrates. That’s the same as 10 tsps of straight sugar!

What to Choose Instead

While it is always best to choose water, sometimes variety is a good thing. Here’s a few options for those days when you want something a bit different.

Unsweetened Tea – There is an incredible amount of variety in teas. Manufactured tea bags, or loose teas, hot or cold, give you a world of choices. See if there is a tea store in your area, or online, where you can try a sample pack. You might just find a new favorite.

Infused Water – This is just a fancy term for putting fruits or vegetables, and sometimes herbs or spices, into water. The flavors infuse themselves into the water, like a mild juice or tea. Search for recipe combinations. Cucumber and mint is a favorite at many spas. Treat yourself.

Coffee – Regular coffee doesn’t have any calories so it can be healthy. It’s the things we add to the coffee like cream and sugar, or sweeteners, and non-dairy creamers that add the calories and the carbohydrates. So, use small amounts or take your coffee black to have the smallest impact on your blood sugar.

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Milk and Alternatives

Count any milk you drink in your daily meal plan. An 8 ounce cup of skim milk has around 12g of carbohydrates, and 80 calories. Consider the other options of soy, rice, or almond milks.

Pure Fruit Juice

Juice is packed with carbohydrates. 4 ounces can contain 15g of carbohydrates and 50+ calories. Check the label and only drink 100% juice. Be sure there is not any added sugar.

Deciding on a beverage can be difficult when you are out eating in a restaurant. Be sure to plan your choice before arriving so you are not faced with the stress of making the decision on the spot. The more deliberate your food choices, the more likely you are to get control of your blood sugar levels. When you have your levels under control, you are more likely to have extra testing supplies. Once you have extra supplies you can get cash for test strips. Reward yourself.

Stress and Blood Sugar

Stress and Blood Sugar

You have probably noticed that stress affects your blood sugar, and not in a good way. It has to do with the fight-or-flight reactions your body has to stressful situations. When facing stress, your cells access stored fats and sugar. Unfortunately, this can be harmful for diabetics. The release of the stored sugar causes a peak in blood sugar levels.

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Kinds of Stress That Affect Blood Sugar

Both basic kinds of stress change blood glucose levels:

  • Emotional or Mental Stress

  • Physical Stress

They do impact your blood glucose levels differently. First of all, physical stress usually causes your blood sugar level to rise. This could be due to:

  • Surgery

  • Injury

  • Illnesses

Emotional and mental stress effects depend on which kind of diabetes:

  • Type 1: Could raise or lower glucose level.

  • Type 2: Usually raises blood sugar level.

Also, stress might change your care routine with:

  • More or Less Exercise

  • Changed Eating Schedule

  • Eating Foods that are not as Healthy

  • Not Testing Blood Sugar Levels as Frequently

  • Forgetting or Delaying Medications or Insulin

Because many type 2 diabetics are ultra sensitive to mental stress, be sure you use your logbook. Stress hormones drive your blood glucose levels sky high, if you don’t watch carefully.

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How to Check if Blood Sugar Levels are Affected by Stress

  • Rate current stress levels between 1 and 10. Write that down in your diabetes logbook.

  • Write in blood sugar levels as you test.

  • Study the patterns. Check to see if it seems like there is a relationship between stress levels and blood sugar level.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Reducing stress levels is certainly easier said than done. Here’s a few tips to help you begin.

  • Relax. Breathe deeply, meditate, pray or just be still. Calm your body and your mind the best you can.

  • See if there is anything you can do to make changes in your life that would relieve some of your stress. Step forth and make those changes, for the good of your health.

  • Be sure to get some exercise regularly. Even a few minutes every few days can make a big difference. A short, daily walk clears many a stressed out mind.

Above all, remember that you are worth it. Stress can take away so much of the joy in your life. When you have your blood sugar levels under control you can get cash for diabetic test strips. That cash can help relieve some stress. Have a good day!

Natural Supplements for Diabetes

Natural Supplements for Diabetes

Controlling blood glucose levels is vital when you are dealing with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetic complications are far more likely if you do not maintain good control of your blood sugar. You probably have medication that helps you manage your condition. If you have some extra cash for diabetics supplements, explore natural remedies to aid in your battle.

Diabetic supplements improve glycemic controls, plus reduce your reliance on some prescription medications, when combined with healthy lifestyle choices.

Supplements To Help Diabetes


Cinnamon is full of polyphenols. That is an antioxidant with molecules that promote the health of cells. Cinnamon supports sensitivity to insulin, which is the hormone that manages blood sugar. For some, this results in improved glucose control. In addition, evidence suggests cinnamon improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Cinnamon is available as a supplement or you can just eat more in your food.

Vitamin D

Over one third of Americans are low in vitamin D. This is critical for the control of blood sugar. For example, research found people with adequate vitamin D reduce the risk of getting diabetes by 13%. Other research suggests vitamin D improves blood sugar control. Certainly, take some vitamin D. Increase the foods in your diet fortified with some vitamin D. And be sure to go outside for some sun every day to boost your level.

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Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre, a vine from India promotes the use of glucose in cells. More glucose moves from the blood, which lowers the blood sugar level. Additionally, gymnema sylvestre prevents your liver releasing glucose into your bloodstream. It also affects the function of the pancreas, including the production of insulin. Exactly how, is still unclear.


Rosemary is not just good with chicken, it’s a potent medicinal herb for glycemic control. The extract lowered blood sugar level and reduced the triglycerides in rats in research studies. Furthermore, cholesterol profiles improved. Taking rosemary supplements, and adding more to your diet, may benefit diabetes health.


Magnesium is not produced in your body. Diets higher in magnesium reduce risks for diabetes. People with diabetes take magnesium to improve their insulin sensitivity, which leads to greater glycemic control. Before taking magnesium, talk to your diabetes doctor. Some diabetics have problems with kidney function, so their magnesium levels may already be too high.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid combats cell damage. It helps turn glucose to energy. Alpha lipoic acid reduces sensitivity for some people in the nerves, which slows the progression of neuropathy. You can purchase it in a pill form. Also be sure to add more spinach, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and peas to your diet.

Things to Consider About Diabetes Supplements

More research needs to be done on how supplements help diabetes. Scientists still work, often with animals, so some of the results are inconclusive.

Always talk to your doctor before you decide on a supplement. Some interact with medications, or cause side effects. Your doctor plans your diabetes management best for your situation.

Diabetes supplements are part of a comprehensive health plan. While supplements don’t cure diabetes, use them in conjunction with medication and healthy lifestyle choices. The more control you have over your blood sugar levels, the more likely you are to have extra diabetes testing supplies. If you find you have extra test strips, remember you can get cash for diabetics at SellTestStripsHere.

Diabetes Testing Tips

Diabetes Testing Tips

Part of managing diabetes is to monitor your blood sugar. You can find out a few things to better manage this chronic condition from your results. The better managed your diabetes is, the more likely you are to have extra supplies. If you have extra supplies, you can get cash for diabetic test strips.

The ADA suggests everyone with diabetes benefits from blood sugar monitoring. Testing is even more important if you:

  • Struggle for control over your diabetes
  • Use insulin / other diabetes medicines
  • Are pregnant

    Your food, insulin, other medicines, and exercise all affect your glucose levels. You can’t know the effect they have on blood sugar without testing it.

    What You Can Learn From Your Test Results

Even if you carefully check your blood sugar levels in schedule, you may not be getting all the information you could. The idea of writing down the results is to be able to search for patterns. These patterns help you to learn:

Look for patterns to show if your meals have the right contents and size. Really watch the carbohydrates. Once you are certain of the patterns you will find you will be more likely to have extra testing supplies. Then, you can get cash for diabetic strips you don’t need.

Write down all of your results in logbooks. There is an app for smartphones or computers you can use, too. Make sure you bring the book or phone to all your doctor’s appointments.

Watch for the Patterns in Your Diabetes Test Results

The idea is to get to know what affects your blood sugar levels. Illness, stress, or menstrual cycles make a difference. The more you knows about your patterns, the better managed your diabetes is. To see patterns in the test results ask the questions:

  • Is your blood sugar low or high at particular times of the week / each day?

  • How do those times compare to food, exercise, stress levels, or anything else you think might be an issue?

  • What can change to eliminate the variations?

If you wonder what good blood glucose targets are, ask the doctor or check the American Diabetes Association for blood glucose target ranges.

When you find the patterns in your blood glucose levels, you can get better control over your diabetes. When you manage your diabetes more successfully, you are more likely to have extra diabetes supplies. Remember, when you have diabetes supplies you don’t need, you can get cash for diabetic strips from A little extra cash never hurts.

Ways to Feel Better With Diabetes

Ways to Feel Better With Diabetes

Feeling better with diabetes has 2 possible meanings. One is how to physically feel better. We are going to leave that one for another post. This one is about feeling better emotionally. Diabetes is a chronic condition that can be frustrating. It can wear you down day-to-day. When you feel down, you are more likely to skimp on your self-care. And that can lead to problems. So, we want you to feel better, because people with diabetes who feel better are more likely to have extra test strips. It’s true. And so, when you feel better, you are more likely to sell test strips you don’t need.

Feeling Better Day-to-Day

There are many physical aspects to living with diabetes. Monitoring your blood sugar, medications, diet and exercise all add up. Staying motivated and positive about taking care of yourself is the key to long term health. Some days may still be discouraging, but there are ways to minimize those.

Create a Solid Support System

We all need support. Dealing with any chronic condition means support is even more important. It is key to find a variety of sources for your support so you can find different points of view.

The people around you in your life are critical to your success as you manage your diabetes. When they are supportive, making similar healthy choices as you need to make, it is much easier. If you run with a pack that doesn’t keep you on track, it can be incredibly difficult and discouraging. Find a community who also wants to sell test strips that they don’t need anymore, and you are all set. Hang with the healthy set.

A good relationship with your doctor and the rest of your health care team is important, too. Keep communications open, so you choose the lifestyle and treatment options that are best for you.

There are a multitude of support options on social media now. Find where you fit. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. It’s like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans. You may have to try on a whole lot of pairs that don’t fit, before you find the right ones. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you (or the support groups or the jeans). Research and patience is required to find exactly the right fit.

Social and emotional support is vital, but consider also looking for a diabetes exercise group. Or maybe just a regular exercise group. Walking and hiking groups, or groups who meet at the gym can be very motivational.

Remind Yourself You Are Not Alone

Feeling of loneliness are common, especially early in the quest to manage your diabetes. Remind yourself that you’re not alone. Almost 26 million Americans have diabetes, and an additional 79 million are prediabetic. A life with diabetes takes a major life adjustment. But remember that other people do it and thrive.

Strive for Quick Results

So much of living with diabetes is about the long term. Health goals can take a long time to achieve. In the big picture it is important to hold onto those long term goals, but it can be hard to focus day-to-day and stay motivated. By striving for quick results, motivation levels soar!

Setting a huge goal that sets you up to fail helps nothing. We commonly hear “I will never eat <insert food item here> ever again”. Or “I will go to the gym every day.” These are not measurable, until you fail.

Quick results are smaller. What can you manage in the next 2 weeks? Walk a few blocks 3 times a week? Maybe eating a healthy breakfast every day for a week. Stay on your healthy course well enough to be able to sell test strips you don’t need. Keep the goals short term, and something you know you could do. When you don’t feel very motivated, keep your eye on a healthy reward for success.

Healthy Rewards for Success

Often one of the shifts you need to make in your thinking to thrive with diabetes is about how you celebrate. So many celebrations include food, especially foods that are a problem for diabetics. Cakes, ice creams or alcohol are not going to help you achieve your health goals, so stay away from them for celebrations.

There are many non-food related ways to celebrate. Find activities you enjoy that boost your mood or that improve your health. Go to the hairdresser, get a manicure pedicure or massage, or buy a bottle of perfume. A bubble bath, a new book, go to the movies or see a comedian. A night out bowling or dancing are active and fun. Give yourself a facial at-home or visit with a friend to catch up. Buy a plant or flowers for yourself. If you sell test strips you don’t need, you will have some extra cash to fund your celebration.

Keep A Diabetes Journal

Many times you may find you set a goal and then lose track of it. Maybe you decided to lose weight, lower your cholesterol or blood pressure. Don’t rely on doctor’s records or your memory. Write down your numbers. Make notes about your mood and sleep. Compare them regularly. See what helps and what doesn’t. Change what you are doing based on what seems to help.

Watching your improvements in a tangible way, is excellent for motivation. If the improvements are not there, you can take action quickly. Making plans and taking action toward a corrective course is motivational, too. Write down how often you are able to sell test strips, so you can see your progress.

Accept Plateaus or Setbacks

Sometimes things just don’t progress the way we want them to. You might experience some setbacks. The key is to quickly get back on track. Don’t let the slip up demotivate you. It’s not an excuse to go backward. Evaluate the barriers analyze what happened. Try again, changing or improving something. Don’t let whatever hit you this time, get you again.

Living well with your diabetes may not always be a smooth, easy ride. But you can feel better with solid support and your positive attitude. The goal to be able to sell test strips is often good motivation for many diabetics. We hope it helps you, too.

How Your Attitude Affects Diabetes

How Your Attitude Affects Diabetes

A person with diabetes who lives a happy and successful life is victorious. The daily grind of dealing with a chronic disease is an obstacle to joy. For many, it may appear to be an insurmountable hurdle, but for most there is hope. In fact, the hope is what makes it possible to be victorious. At, we see people every day who are victorious enough to be able to sell diabetic test strips. These are strips that they no longer need.

Diabetes is painful. Physically, emotionally, and psychologically painful. There are devastating consequences in the long term. Stress from constant planning, and the money worries are not a small thing.

The Importance of Attitude

You may have heard people say that a positive attitude is just rah-rah nonsense. And there are attitudes like that. Those are not the attitudes that help people with diabetes to get control of their disease.

~ My pessimism has never failed me, but I’m sure someday it will.~

Scientific research studies show that higher (more positive) attitudes toward diabetes relate directly to the level of patient self-care. In fact, many patients express strong negative emotions (anger and frustration). Research also shows that, over time the majority feel that their diagnosis leads to healthier and happier lifestyles.

Ultimately Healthier and Happier Lifestyles

Diabetes teaches self-care. It allows for sensitivity and vulnerability. It creates a constant reminder for you to make healthy choices. Diabetes shows you how fragile life is. It is these sorts of positive attitudes, not rah-rah nonsense, that makes for better numbers. It is those better numbers that makes it possible for you to sell diabetic test strips.

Sell Diabetic Test Strips – A Victory in Self-Care

The good things in the life of a diabetic do not just exist despite the disease. All of your life experiences add up to make you who you are, diabetes included. Your achievements and challenges are all an important part of you.

When you express anger and frustration by not taking care of yourself, you punish your body further for disappointing you. But your body is like a machine. It needs care and maintenance, or it just won’t work right.

Sometimes we all feel angry, frustrated or hurt. But on those days, you need to let yourself feel it. All the rest of the days, listen to what your body it is telling you. Every day, diabetes teaches you something. You can learn something new about how to love yourself and open up to other people. And learn about the value of giving and receiving. That’s why so many people sell diabetic test strips. They want to help other people with diabetes.

An attitude of gratitude, giving and caring actually does directly affect how well your diabetes is controlled. Your attitude matters, to you and those around you. Choose caring. Choose giving. You can choose joy.