Diabetes Medications Don’t Always Work

There is no cure for diabetes. Treatments do help regulate blood sugar levels, which reduces your risks for diabetic complications. Unfortunately, sometimes diabetic medications don’t work.

How Diabetes Medications Work

When you eat carbs, they breaks down into sugars. The simple sugars circulate in your blood until insulin signals the cells to take the sugar into them. So, as long as there is insulin present, your blood sugar level is lower. When the insulin is not there, or the signals don’t get to the cells, your blood sugar levels can spike.

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Type 1 diabetics do not have pancreatic cells to produce insulin. On the other hand, Type 2 diabetics have a change in their body’s ability to respond to insulin. There are several kinds of diabetes medications. Each type works a bit differently, but they all work to regulate your blood sugar levels.

They can work by:

  • Stimulation of your pancreas to increase the production of insulin.

  • Increasing your body’s sensitivity to insulin activity.

  • Reduction of glucose available in your body.

Why Don’t Diabetes Medications Work?

Over time, your body can become more resistant to insulin, especially if your blood sugar has not been well controlled. Medication has a harder time having the appropriate effects, so you may need a higher dose. Often, more than one type of diabetes medication is used at a time. The hope is that each one has its own effect, and added together they will be sufficient. Eventually injections of insulin are necessary if other medications do not have the desired effects.

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How Do You Know if Your Diabetes Medication is Working?

Many people with diabetes say they know when their medicines stop being effective. Most importantly you can always tell by watching your blood sugar levels. Keep lots of diabetes test strips on hand so you can test your blood sugar frequently. You can always get cash for test strips if you don’t need them.

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