Diabetes Testing Tips

Part of managing diabetes is to monitor your blood sugar. You can find out a few things to better manage this chronic condition from your results. The better managed your diabetes is, the more likely you are to have extra supplies. If you have extra supplies, you can get cash for diabetic test strips.

The ADA suggests everyone with diabetes benefits from blood sugar monitoring. Testing is even more important if you:

  • Struggle for control over your diabetes
  • Use insulin / other diabetes medicines
  • Are pregnant

    Your food, insulin, other medicines, and exercise all affect your glucose levels. You can’t know the effect they have on blood sugar without testing it.

    What You Can Learn From Your Test Results

Even if you carefully check your blood sugar levels in schedule, you may not be getting all the information you could. The idea of writing down the results is to be able to search for patterns. These patterns help you to learn:

Look for patterns to show if your meals have the right contents and size. Really watch the carbohydrates. Once you are certain of the patterns you will find you will be more likely to have extra testing supplies. Then, you can get cash for diabetic strips you don’t need.

Write down all of your results in logbooks. There is an app for smartphones or computers you can use, too. Make sure you bring the book or phone to all your doctor’s appointments.

Watch for the Patterns in Your Diabetes Test Results

The idea is to get to know what affects your blood sugar levels. Illness, stress, or menstrual cycles make a difference. The more you knows about your patterns, the better managed your diabetes is. To see patterns in the test results ask the questions:

  • Is your blood sugar low or high at particular times of the week / each day?

  • How do those times compare to food, exercise, stress levels, or anything else you think might be an issue?

  • What can change to eliminate the variations?

If you wonder what good blood glucose targets are, ask the doctor or check the American Diabetes Association for blood glucose target ranges.

When you find the patterns in your blood glucose levels, you can get better control over your diabetes. When you manage your diabetes more successfully, you are more likely to have extra diabetes supplies. Remember, when you have diabetes supplies you don’t need, you can get cash for diabetic strips from SellTestStripsHere.com. A little extra cash never hurts.