Eat Healthy at These Fast-Food Restaurants

So often it is simply necessary to “grab a bite” at a fast-food restaurant. Life is just like that. While children are going to their activities, and adults are busy at work, time for cooking can be hard to find. Here’s some tips to stay on-plan and keep your blood sugar levels under control, no matter where you eat.

Of course, if there are simple substitutions, like carrot sticks for fries, make that choice. Smaller portions are better. Salads are good. These tips are more specific that that, so when you go to these specific places you can preplan your choices.

Note: There will be another blog or two that has more restaurants listed once the data comes in for those. In the meantime, if you have extra testing supplies, remember who buys diabetic test strips. Sell Test Strips Here will purchase your extra supplies, and give you top dollar. A few extra bucks for a meal out of the house, never hurt.

Here are the suggestions for healthy choices at a few of America’s most popular fast-food spots.

Subway – Not as Healthy as We Have Been Told

Looking to make a healthy choice, so you head to Subway. Keep in mind:

  • Anything a foot long is too much food.

  • Melts” are loaded with sauces and cheese that have high sodium contents.

  • Classic tuna is actually the worst! Super high fat, but it masquerades as healthy fish.

  • 6 inches on any bread that isn’t the regular white bread is great!

  • Choose rotisserie-style or oven-roasted roast beef or chicken.

  • Add lots of veggies.

  • Light mayo, if you must. As much mustard as you want!

Wendy’s – “Triple” Should Never be a Thing

Just don’t even read the part of the menu board that says “triple”. A triple burger with cheese and everything at Wendy’s has over 1,000 calories and 72g of fat! And that’s before the fries.

  • Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a delight at just 360 calories and 8 g fat with 38 carbs.

  • Consider a half sized Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad or the half-sized Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.

  • Apple slices have 35 calories, no fat, and just 9g carbs. But then again, you could just bring an apple.

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Taco Bell – Yes, You Can Still Go

You can still go to Taco Bell, but be sure to decide what you are getting ahead of time, lest ye be tempted.

  • The XXL Griled Stuft version of the burrito is two meals, so share it up or save half for tomorrow.

  • The Cheesey Gordita Crunch lives up to its name with 500 calories, all of 28g of fat and also 41g of carbs. Just say “no”.

  • A black bean burrito satisfies all the Tex-Mex cravings, with only 11g of fat and even adds 8 grams of actual fiber.

  • A soft chicken taco is 170 calories, 8g of fat and 16g of carbs. With those numbers, have two!

Eating out can be a challenge. The best advice is really to plan ahead. People with diabetes make food plans constantly. Decide what is best to eat at each restaurant you frequent, and stick to that list. When your levels stabilize, you can test less often, and then end up with extra supplies. When you do, remember who buys diabetic test strips. Sell Test Strips Here Your blood sugar levels will thank you!