More in our continuing series of fast-food options, we examine more restaurants. Making deliberate food choices is a vital part of making sure blood sugar levels are controlled. Life hands us situations where driving through or picking something up to eat just seems to be what happens. By knowing the healthy choices at each fast food place before you go, you can avoid unhealthy choices easier.

It is easy to slip into old habits when you haven’t decided on a new one. Don’t put yourself in the position of trying to decide what to eat while you are in line. It never works out well.

So, here’s even more tips to stay on-plan and keep your glucose levels controlled, no matter where you eat.

    • Arby’s

Although they say that poultry meat is supposedly healthy, don’t even give the Turkey Ranch and Bacon Sandwich a second look. It has 800 calories, a whole 35 g fat, and all of 79 g carbs. A Buttermilk Chicken Cordon Bleu is another poultry no-no. More obvious unhealthy choices are the Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack, and the Loaded Italian.
A simple classic roast beef sandwich from Arby’s is just 370 calories, with 14 g fat and only 40 g carbs. For big appetites, a reasonable compromise is a Turkey Gyro pita wrap with 470 calories, and 20 g fat with 48 g carbs.

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    • Chipotle

The most deceiving option is the Steak Salad. It sounds like it should be good, but NO! A whopping 1,305 calories later, 77 g fat and an incredible 117 g carbs are in every bowl. The steak and burritos are about the same level of nonsense. Salads get to be a problem quickly with even a topping or three. Either avoid these menu items, take at least half home for another meal, or share with one or even 2 friends!

Better choices are a Vegetarian, Steak or Chicken Burrito Bowl and brown rice, fresh tomato salsa, fajita veggies, and lettuce. That’s about 415 calories, with 12 g fat and 45 g carbs.

    • Burger King

Just as with anyplace else, never order anything with the word “triple” in its name. Never. Ever. For example, a Triple Whopper with Cheese, weighs in with 1,020 calories, and 65 g fat. Even worse? King-sized bacon burgers, even without cheese, pack 1,150 calories and a solid 79 g fat.

All burgers are not evil. Basic burgers at Burger King are 220 calories, with just 8 g fat, and 26 g carbs. Even cheeseburgers are just 270 calories, with 12 g fat, and 27 g carbs. Add a nice side salad and you have a lovely meal. If you require some fries, remember that it takes only a half of a small order to put you over the top. Split a small with someone, or skip it altogether. Saving fries for later has never been recommended. <blech>

There’s no mystery at Pizza Hut. A large slice of pizza with the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger toppings is not a healthy choice. 640 calories, with 26 g fat plus 77 g carbs, for just the one slice! Those individual bowls of pasta range from 630 to 1,020 calories with 113 to 197 g carbs are at least designed to be a whole meal, but best to split it with a friend or save half for tomorrow.

Plain rectangular cheese pizza slices come in at 240 calories, and 10 g fat and 29 carbs. Add fresh veggies galore and you have a great Za party!

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That’s the end of our fast food series for now. Keep making good choices wherever you eat so you can maintain control of your blood sugar and your health in general. Take care of yourself. You’re worth it.

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