• How to Find the Time to Exercise for Busy People with Diabetes

Exercise is critical to diabetes control, but it can be tough to fit it into your busy schedule. One of the best ways to slide exercise into your day is to make it a fun, normal part of your routine.

Controlling blood sugar is certainly not the only benefit of exercise. You can manage your weight so that helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, while reducing heart disease risks.

Easy exercises that easily fit your schedule deliver lots of benefits. This is what there is to know.

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    • Easy Exercises

Aerobic exercises are best. They include walking, swimming, biking, or dancing. The heart rate increases into a moderate intensity level. Every exercise is beneficial in its own way. Here’s the details on each:

      • Walking

Walking is for sure the easiest exercise because a 30 minute walk is all it takes. So, a 10 minute walk before your work, 10 minutes before or after lunch, and 10 minutes later. You’re done. You certainly don’t need special equipment. Also, you can jam those 10 minutes in any time of day. Walk instead of drive. It all adds up.

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      • Swimming

A swim is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It’s easy on the body because water cushions joints. Lower your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and improve heart and lung functions at the pool. Relax and enjoy. Swimming laps works, but if you would rather, simply walk back and forth. You still get a workout because of the water’s resistance.

      • Biking

Hop on the stationary bike in the house, or yard while you listen to music. Similarly, take your regular bike out for fresh air to enjoy the great outdoors. Either choice is a superb, low-impact cardiovascular routine exercise that seems like more fun than it is work.

      • Dancing

Dance Dance. Dance. Get your groove on, and it won’t seem like exercise. Take a class or dance while you dust. Try Zumba, and take a friend. Dancing works out your whole body while raising good cholesterol, plus lowering bad cholesterol. Control blood sugar with dancing, and you find more joy, too.

    • Exercise is Worth the Effort

The most important part of exercise for people with diabetes is routine. Build your exercise into your daily and weekly schedule. The more routine you can develop, the more likely you are to stick to it. It seems like a big job, but each step and every movement adds up. It is worth the effort. Just keep moving!

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