Natural Supplements for Diabetes

Controlling blood glucose levels is vital when you are dealing with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetic complications are far more likely if you do not maintain good control of your blood sugar. You probably have medication that helps you manage your condition. If you have some extra cash for diabetics supplements, explore natural remedies to aid in your battle.

Diabetic supplements improve glycemic controls, plus reduce your reliance on some prescription medications, when combined with healthy lifestyle choices.

Supplements To Help Diabetes


Cinnamon is full of polyphenols. That is an antioxidant with molecules that promote the health of cells. Cinnamon supports sensitivity to insulin, which is the hormone that manages blood sugar. For some, this results in improved glucose control. In addition, evidence suggests cinnamon improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Cinnamon is available as a supplement or you can just eat more in your food.

Vitamin D

Over one third of Americans are low in vitamin D. This is critical for the control of blood sugar. For example, research found people with adequate vitamin D reduce the risk of getting diabetes by 13%. Other research suggests vitamin D improves blood sugar control. Certainly, take some vitamin D. Increase the foods in your diet fortified with some vitamin D. And be sure to go outside for some sun every day to boost your level.

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Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre, a vine from India promotes the use of glucose in cells. More glucose moves from the blood, which lowers the blood sugar level. Additionally, gymnema sylvestre prevents your liver releasing glucose into your bloodstream. It also affects the function of the pancreas, including the production of insulin. Exactly how, is still unclear.


Rosemary is not just good with chicken, it’s a potent medicinal herb for glycemic control. The extract lowered blood sugar level and reduced the triglycerides in rats in research studies. Furthermore, cholesterol profiles improved. Taking rosemary supplements, and adding more to your diet, may benefit diabetes health.


Magnesium is not produced in your body. Diets higher in magnesium reduce risks for diabetes. People with diabetes take magnesium to improve their insulin sensitivity, which leads to greater glycemic control. Before taking magnesium, talk to your diabetes doctor. Some diabetics have problems with kidney function, so their magnesium levels may already be too high.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid combats cell damage. It helps turn glucose to energy. Alpha lipoic acid reduces sensitivity for some people in the nerves, which slows the progression of neuropathy. You can purchase it in a pill form. Also be sure to add more spinach, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and peas to your diet.

Things to Consider About Diabetes Supplements

More research needs to be done on how supplements help diabetes. Scientists still work, often with animals, so some of the results are inconclusive.

Always talk to your doctor before you decide on a supplement. Some interact with medications, or cause side effects. Your doctor plans your diabetes management best for your situation.

Diabetes supplements are part of a comprehensive health plan. While supplements don’t cure diabetes, use them in conjunction with medication and healthy lifestyle choices. The more control you have over your blood sugar levels, the more likely you are to have extra diabetes testing supplies. If you find you have extra test strips, remember you can get cash for diabetics at SellTestStripsHere.