New York Times – Is Selling Test Strips Legal?

Recently, the New York Times wrote about the legality of selling diabetes-related supplies. They were able to answer the questions once and for all. Is selling test strips legal? You bet!

Selling test strips is legal because they are sold without a prescription. You can buy them over-the-counter in any drugstore.

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So, the New York Times calls this an “unusual trade” both online and in the streets. But is it really so unusual?

Why Do People With Diabetes Sell Testing Supplies?

Test strips expire. After a certain date they simply can not be trusted to give accurate results. Extra strips that are not going to expire for 6 months can be sold. It is much better to make sure someone else can use them, than throw them in the trash. So, how do people with diabetes end up with extra testing supplies?

  • Some people with diabetes are lucky enough to have adequate insurance coverage. They receive all the diabetes testing supplies they need, and then some.

  • Doctors change treatment protocols, which often means a new monitoring system. Every monitor uses its own special strips, so unexpired strips from the previous treatment can be sold.

  • Women with gestational diabetes often have extra test strips after their baby is born.

  • When blood sugar levels are currently well controlled, and you test less often. Then, you end up with extra strips.

  • Changes in insurance coverage mean extra test strips sometimes, too.

Is Selling Diabetes Test Strips Legal, No Matter What?

Well, no. Not no matter what. There are a couple of conditions.

1) If your test strips were purchased by the government through Medicare or Medicaid, you can not sell them. (Watch for the red strip on the box.)

2) If you have not “acquired them through legal means”, then you can’t sell them. So, no stolen strips, okay? They have to be yours, or someone gave them to you.

Finally, remember that you are helping others by selling your test strips. You can stop wondering “Is selling test strips legal?” and remind yourself that it is the right thing to do. Don’t throw your unexpired extra test strips in the trash. Get a few extra dollars for yourself and help others who are less fortunate.

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