Selling Diabetes Test Strips is Legal? How Can That Be?

Yep. Selling diabetes test strips is legal. Perfectly and completely legal. It’s also morally a really great thing to do to support the diabetes community. By selling diabetes test strips you help others (and yourself). A few bucks goes into your pocket. And those who are unable to afford testing supplies have the opportunity to get what they need at much reduced costs.

How Does that Work? Selling Diabetes Test Strips is Legal?

The New York Times recently reported about how this works. They explain how this reselling of test strips has existed for several decades. This is a specific example of the unusual nature of the American health care system. Unlike the illegal reselling of prescription drugs, it is quite legal to resell unexpired, unused diabetes test strips.

Is It Just A Loophole?

Some consider the fact that selling diabetes test strips is legal to be some sort of loophole. Our medical system is very clear about what is and what is not available by prescription. Prescription drugs are illegal to resell. There is no law that says you can’t resell (almost) anything else that you own.

Selling diabetes test strips is legal when the strips belong to you. But, if Medicaid or Medicare bought them for you, they can not be sold.

So, Who Wins and Who Loses When Extra Diabetes Test Strips are Sold?

Diabetes test strips are actually a multi-billion-dollar industry. In fact, insulin-dependent patients monitoring blood sugar find 25% of expenditures on pharmacy costs are on testing supplies. (2012 study) Lowering these costs for people with diabetes means the diabetes community wins.

When you sell your extra, unexpired testing supplies, you are paid. Now, it is unlikely to fund your next real estate investment. But, a few extra dollars for what would have been trashed is a pretty good deal.

Do the test strip manufacturers win, too? Perhaps not, but there are only 4 companies, and they do seem to be doing just fine anyway.