When most people think about testing their blood sugar, they picture pricking a finger and spreading the blood on a diabetic test strip. While that remains the standard for many people with diabetes, there are blood sugar testing alternatives arriving on the market. Learn what’s out there for people looking for diabetic testing supplies — no prick needed.

Importance of Testing Blood Sugar

People with diabetes have difficulty regulating their blood sugar levels. They either don’t make the hormone that regulates blood sugar (Type 1 diabetes) or gradually become less sensitive to it (Type 2 diabetes). For most people, that hormone — called insulin — moves sugar from the bloodstream into cells to be used. When insulin isn’t working properly, it can’t keep blood glucose within a healthy range.

To manage your blood sugar, you first need to know what your sugar levels are. That’s where diabetic testing supplies come into play. Pricking your finger and putting the blood on a diabetic test strip allows you to measure your blood glucose levels. This better ensures your sugar levels stay within a healthy range. Testing your blood glucose levels frequently — ideally several times per day — is the best way to stay on top of your diabetes health. Understandably, though, many people hate the constant finger pricks required to measure their sugar levels.

Diabetic Testing Supplies Other Than Test Strips

Glucometers (blood sugar meters) are another crucial piece of diabetes testing supplies. Without a glucometer, a test strip is useless. The glucometer is the machine that reads the test strip and provides a measure of your current blood glucose levels. There are many types of glucometers, each with pros and cons. However, all glucometers still rely on the finger pricks to get blood for the test strip reading. That makes glucometers less popular for people who dislike pricking their finger every time they want to measure their glucose levels. For that reason, many people seek glucose testing alternatives.

Options for Diabetic Testing Supplies — No Stick Needed

Individuals with diabetes have long dreamed of a day when they could test their blood glucose levels without painful and annoying finger pricks. Now, that day has finally come. Continuous blood glucose monitors do exactly what their name implies — monitor your blood sugar levels continuously throughout the day.

Although these devices have been available for several years, they used to require twice-daily finger pricks to calibrate the machine. Now, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new continuous blood glucose monitor that doesn’t require any finger pricks! Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System uses a sensor on the upper arm to measure blood sugar. That means, users can get a moment-by-moment understanding of their blood sugar levels and fluctuations.

Urine tests are another option, though they are typically used to detect the presence of diabetes rather than to continuously monitor blood sugar tests. Plus, urine tests can be messy and inconvenient, making them a less-appealing option for people seeking diabetes testing alternatives.

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