Why Is it Legal to Sell Test Strips?

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have diabetes, you know how it seriously impacts your life. And for diabetics who constantly need to monitor blood sugar levels, test strips are critical. So, you may wonder, “Why is it legal to sell test strips?”

Test Strips are Critical

It is absolutely essential that a person with diabetes have access to their testing supplies. For some, this is relatively easy. You may have good insurance coverage that provides exactly what you need.

But, blood sugar control is a bit of an art, so exactly how many test strips any given patient needs, varies. Along with changes in protocols, and conditions like gestational diabetes that are temporary, many patients have extra strips.

These extra strips eventually expire, and get thrown out. Which is a huge shame, because so many less fortunate Americans with diabetes could use them.

Why Is it Legal to Sell Test Strips?

Simply put, diabetes testing supplies are not a prescription. Because they are available over-the-counter at any pharmacy, they are legal to sell. Much like if your doctor recommended you buy a particular type of shoes. If you bought more pairs than you needed, you would be free to sell them if you wanted.

When is it NOT Legal?

It is not legal to sell test strips in 2 situations:

  1. If you got your supplies through Medicaid or Medicare.
  2. If you got your supplies illegally in some way.

So, you can be assured that it is perfectly legal to sell your test strips online. You don’t have to wonder why it is legal to sell test strips, anymore. SELL TEST STRIPS HERE was founded by a fellow diabetic. We know the struggles, which is why we are here to support the diabetic community.