Yes, Selling Diabetes Test Strips is Legal!

We’ve been asked many times “Is Selling Diabetic Test Strips Legal? The answer? “Absolutely, yes!”. It is legal to resell your unexpired test strips, as long as you didn’t get them from Medicare or Medicaid.

How Do Diabetics End Up With Extra Test Strips?

There are many ways that a diabetic may end up with extra, unexpired test strips on hand.

  • You may be lucky enough to have insurance coverage that provides you more than you need.

  • Sometimes, your doctor changes your treatment protocols, so you get a new monitor. Each monitor requires its own proprietary strips, so your old, but unexpired strips are useless to you anymore.

  • A temporary situation, such as gestational diabetes, may mean there are extra test strips after the baby is born.

  • Your current circumstances may mean that you are controlling your blood sugar better. If so, perhaps you need to test less often and you end up with extra strips.

  • A change in insurance coverage can also create extra test strips for people with diabetes.

Whatever the reason, extra strips simply expire and go in the garbage if they do not get sold or donated. As a result, we feel it is not just legal, but it is the right thing to do to make sure your extra unexpired test strips do not just become more garbage!

Once The Test Strips are Sold, What Happens to Them?

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US. Properly controlled, people with diabetes can live long, happy, healthy lives. But, that control requires diabetes testing supplies.

Without insurance, with high deductibles, or inadequate income, many Americans can not afford their testing supplies. In fact, the average wholesale cost on test strips has increased up to 70% in the last 10 years.

When you sell your test strips to SELL TEST STRIPS HERE, we make sure your extra strips are made available at discounted prices to Americans with diabetes who are less fortunate.

Is Selling Diabetic Test Strips Legal?

Yes, it’s really legal. The New York Times recently wrote about how and why people with diabetes are selling test strips all across the country. You end up with a bit of extra cash for what was going to be garbage anyway. And people with diabetes who are less fortunate can purchase testing supplies at reduced rates as compared to what the big pharma companies would charge them.

You never have to wonder again, “Is Selling Diabetic Test Strips Legal?” because, now you know. Yes, it sure is!

We are a community of people with diabetes. We help each other. And yes, it is perfectly legal.