Diabetes is a disease that requires constant care, attention and oversight. Every moment of every day you need to remain aware. To proactively manage diabetes it takes work. And it takes money. Diabetes testing supplies are expensive. Without excellent medical insurance, and additional financial resources it can be impossible to manage.

At Sell Test Strips Here, we know what it is like. We have been touched by the havoc of having to manage diabetes ourselves. That’s why we are working to support the diabetes community, in 2 different ways.

First, we buy your unused, unneeded diabetic testing strips. You get a bit of cash, and the knowledge you are helping others less fortunate.

Second, we make these affordable supplies available at a discount to the people in need. These are diabetics without insurance, and without the financial means to get what they need otherwise.

Sell Test Strips Here is proud to be rated #1 in the online marketplace for diabetic testing supplies, since 2014.

Together, we can support the diabetic community and make life better for people with diabetes.


The Advantages of Selling Your Test Strips to Sell Test Strips Here

Support the Diabetic Community

The diabetic community deals with high medical costs, in addition to the difficulties associated with keeping our diabetes in check. By selling your extra, unneeded diabetic supplies to Sell Test Strips Here you can give back by supporting those in need. Not everyone has excellent medical insurance and the financial resources necessary to afford diabetic testing supplies.

Our goal is to make sure everyone who needs diabetic testing supplies gets what they require at an affordable price.  Sell Test Strips Here offers you top dollar to sell your test supplies, and then we sell them at a discount to those in need. You can help others in the diabetic community by selling your diabetic testing supplies, today.

It’s Fast, Easy and Convenient

Selling your unneeded diabetic test supplies is quick and easy.

Tell Us – Let us know you are mailing us your strips. Use the easy, online product calculator tool to tell us what you want to send and sell. You get an immediate top dollar offer.

Mail Them to Us – Mail your unopened, unused diabetes test strips with the labels intact. We can email you a prepaid label to print yourself, or mail you a FREE pre-paid box to send them. We cover all shipping expenses.

Get Paid – You can choose to be paid either by PayPal or have a check mailed to you.

You Get Top Dollar

Sell Test Strips Here offers you the absolutely highest possible prices for your diabetic testing supplies. In fact, if you ever find anywhere that offers more, tell us! We’ll give you a price match at 115% of any competing offer.  We are that confident that you will never receive a better offer.

FREE Shipping

Not only do you get top dollar for the supplies, you don’t have to pay for the shipping to get them to us. You can simply print a prepaid shipping label that we email to you, request a shipping kit to be mailed to you, or ask for reimbursement of your postage.

Remember to follow the shipping guidelines to help reduce costs and keep staff members handling the packages safe.

Help Diabetic Pets

Pets sometimes get diabetes, too. When dogs or cats get diabetes it can lead to major health complications. Fortunately, diabetes is manageable for pets, too. Pets need to have blood sugar levels tested frequently so they do not become hypo- or hyperglycemic. Sell Test Strips Here donates diabetic testing supplies at cost or offers pet owners discounted supplies to keep their pets healthy.

Sell your test strips today! Contact Sell Test Strips Here now!